Reading Fluency Program

(2nd through 5th grade)
Learning Farm's brand new, cutting edge fluency grading system automatically scores a student's speech while reading a passage. Student responses are scored based on words correct per minute (WCPM), accuracy, and clarity. Grade level appropriate passages are assigned weekly. Weekly assignments help build fluency through practice and monitor student progress. Each assignment includes reading comprehension questions to ensure students are understanding what they are reading. Real-time, easy to read reports make it easy to see student growth and track their progress. At just $4 per student for an annual subscription, our fluency program is a great value!

Fluency Results


  • Using cutting edge technology, student responses are automatically scored
  • Scores include words correct per minute (WCPM), accuracy, clarity and a transcript of the student's speech
  • Comprehension questions included at the end of each assignment


  • Weekly assignments help build fluency through practice
  • New passages every week to keep students engaged
  • Real-time, easy to read reporting allows you to track progress
Fluency Graph

Common Core Math


  • Grade appropriate vocabulary covered in passages
  • Proprietary passages written by experts
  • Students are asked comprehension questions at the end of their readings