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Recognize Texts


Alabama Course of Study Standards: 24

With prompting and support, identify common types of texts and their features, including literary, informational, fairy tale, and poetry.

Arizona - K-12 Academic Standards: K.RL.5

With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about unknown words in a text.

California Common Core State Standards: RL.K.5

Recognize common types of texts (e.g., storybooks, poems, fantasy, realistic text).

Common Core State Standards: RL.K.5

Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE): ELAGSEKRL5

Recognize common types of texts (e.g., storybooks, poems).

Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks: RL.K.5

Recognize common types of texts and characteristics of their structure (e.g., story elements in books; rhyme, rhythm, and repetition in poems). For example, students read with their teacher two texts about foods that are made, eaten, and enjoyed all around the world: pancakes. The two texts are Tomie DePaola’s book Pancakes for Breakfast and Christina Rossetti’s poem “Mix a Pancake.” After discussing the two texts, students explain how they knew from the structure of each work that the first text was a story and the second a poem. (RL.K.5, SL.K.1)

North Carolina - Standard Course of Study: RL.K.5

Tennessee Academic Standards: K.RL.CS.5

Recognize common types of texts.

New York State Next Generation Learning Standards: KR5

Wisconsin Academic Standards: R.K.5

Identify literary and informational texts. (RI&RL)

Pennsylvania Core Standards: CC.1.3.K.E

Recognize common types of text.

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