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Physical & Chemical Changes

5th Grade

Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE): S5P2.a.

Investigate physical changes by separating mixtures and manipulating (cutting, tearing, folding) paper to demonstrate examples of physical change.

Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE): S5P2.b.

Recognize that the changes in state of water (water vapor/steam, liquid, ice) are due to temperature differences and are examples of physical change.

Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE): S5P2.c.

Investigate the properties of a substance before, during, and after a chemical reaction to find evidence of change.

Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE): S5P1.a

Plan and carry out investigations of physical changes by manipulating, separating and mixing dry and liquid materials.

Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE): S5P1.b

Construct an argument based on observations to support a claim that the physical changes in the state of water are due to temperature changes, which cause small particles that cannot be seen to move differently.

Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE): S5P1.c

Plan and carry out an investigation to determine if a chemical change occurred based on observable evidence (color, gas, temperature change, odor, new substance produced).

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