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Stars & Planets

4th Grade

Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE): S4E1.a

Ask questions to compare and contrast technological advances that have changed the amount and type of information on distant objects in the sky.

Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE): S4E1.b

Construct an argument on why some stars (including the Earth’s sun) appear to be larger or brighter than others.
(Clarification statement: Differences are limited to distance and size, not age or stage of evolution.)

Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE): S4E1.c

Construct an explanation of the differences between stars and planets.

Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE): S4E1.d

Evaluate strengths and limitations of models of our solar system in describing relative size, order, appearance and composition of planets and the sun.
(Clarification statement: Composition of planets is limited to rocky vs. gaseous.)

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