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5th Grade

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS): 5.11.D

edit drafts using standard English conventions, including:
  • (i) complete simple and compound sentences with subject-verb agreement and avoidance of splices, run-ons, and fragments;

  • (ii) past tense of irregular verbs;

  • (iii) collective nouns;

  • (iv) adjectives, including their comparative and superlative forms;

  • (v) conjunctive adverbs;

  • (vi) prepositions and prepositional phrases and their influence on subject-verb agreement;

  • (vii) pronouns, including indefinite;

  • (viii) subordinating conjunctions to form complex sentences;

  • (ix) capitalization of abbreviations, initials, acronyms, and organizations;

  • (x) italics and underlining for titles and emphasis and punctuation marks, including quotation marks in dialogue and commas in compound and complex sentences; and

  • (xi) correct spelling of words with grade-appropriate orthographic patterns and rules and high-frequency words; and

5th Grade Writing - Prepositions Lesson

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