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Revising and Editing

4th Grade

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS): 4.11.C

revise drafts to improve sentence structure and word choice by adding, deleting, combining, and rearranging ideas for coherence and clarity;

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS): 4.11.D

edit drafts using standard English conventions, including:
  • (i) complete simple and compound sentences with subject-verb agreement and avoidance of splices, run-ons, and fragments;

  • (ii) past tense of irregular verbs;

  • (iii) singular, plural, common, and proper nouns;

  • (iv) adjectives, including their comparative and superlative forms;

  • (v) adverbs that convey frequency and adverbs that convey degree;

  • (vi) prepositions and prepositional phrases;

  • (vii) pronouns, including reflexive;

  • (viii) coordinating conjunctions to form compound subjects, predicates, and sentences;

  • (ix) capitalization of historical periods, events, and documents; titles of books; stories and essays; and languages, races, and nationalities;

  • (x) punctuation marks, including apostrophes in possessives, commas in compound sentences, and quotation marks in dialogue; and

  • (xi) correct spelling of words with grade-appropriate orthographic patterns and rules and high-frequency words; and

Florida - Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking: ELA.4.C.1.5

Improve writing by planning, revising, and editing, with guidance and support from adults and feedback from peers.

4th Grade Writing - Revising and Editing Lesson
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