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2nd Grade

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS): 2.2.C

demonstrate and apply spelling knowledge by:
  1. spelling one-syllable and multisyllabic words with closed syllables; open syllables; VCe syllables; vowel teams, including digraphs and diphthongs; r-controlled syllables; and final stable syllables;
  2. spelling words with silent letters such as knife and gnat;
  3. spelling compound words, contractions, and common abbreviations;
  4. spelling multisyllabic words with multiple sound-spelling patterns;
  5. spelling words using knowledge of syllable division patterns, including words with double consonants in the middle of the word; and
  6. spelling words with prefixes, including un-, re-, and dis-, and inflectional endings, including -s, -es, -ed, -ing, -er, and -est;

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS): 2.11.D

edit drafts using standard English conventions, including:
  1. complete sentences with subject-verb agreement;
  2. past, present, and future verb tense;
  3. singular, plural, common, and proper nouns;
  4. adjectives, including articles;
  5. adverbs that convey time and adverbs that convey place;
  6. prepositions and prepositional phrases;
  7. pronouns, including subjective, objective, and possessive cases;
  8. coordinating conjunctions to form compound subjects, predicates, and sentences;
  9. capitalization of months, days of the week, and the salutation and conclusion of a letter;
  10. end punctuation, apostrophes in contractions, and commas with items in a series and in dates; and
  11. correct spelling of words with grade-appropriate orthographic patterns and rules and high-frequency words;

2nd Grade Writing - Abbreviations Lesson
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