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Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS): K.2.A.(ii)

Demonstrate phonological awareness by:

(ii) recognizing spoken alliteration or groups of words that begin with the same spoken onset or initial sound;

Florida - Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking: ELA.K.F.1.2

Demonstrate phonological awareness.

a. Blend and segment syllables in spoken words.
b. Identify and produce alliterative and rhyming words.
c. Blend and segment onset and rimes of single-syllable words.
d. Identify the initial, medial, and final sound of spoken words.
e. Add or delete phonemes at the beginning or end of a spoken word and say the resulting word.
f. Segment and blend phonemes in single-syllable spoken words.

Florida - Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking: ELA.K.F.1.3

Use knowledge of grade-appropriate phonics and word-analysis skills to decode words accurately.

a. Demonstrate knowledge of the most frequent sound for each consonant.
b. Demonstrate knowledge of the short and long sounds for the five major vowels.
c. Decode consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC)words.
d. Encode consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC)words

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