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Author's Purpose

3rd Grade

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS): 3.2.C*

establish purpose for reading selected texts and monitor comprehension, making corrections and adjustments when that understanding breaks down (e.g., identifying clues, using background knowledge, generating questions, re-reading a portion aloud)

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS): 3.12*

Students analyze, make inferences and draw conclusions about the author's purpose in cultural, historical, and contemporary contexts and provide evidence from the text to support their understanding. Students are expected to identify the topic and locate the author's stated purposes in writing the text.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS): FIG.19.A*

establish purposes for reading selected texts based upon own or others’ desired outcome to enhance comprehension

Florida - Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking: ELA.3.R.2.3

Explain the development of an author's purpose in an informational text.

3rd Grade Reading - Author's Purpose Lesson
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