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New York P-12 CCLS Products

(2nd-8th Grade Math, Reading and Writing)

What teachers are saying ...

"I have shared this program with my co-workers, and it's the best program yet that I have found. My students love it."
"I currently use your website for a split 2nd and 3rd grade class for summer school and love it! I teach 2nd grade in the regular school year and would love to use your website for support!"
"I stumbled across your site and LOVE it. I have since told anyone and everyone about it. It is so user friendly and the students love it!"
"Thank you so much! Love your program so much. I am the tech administrator here, and am working hard to implement your program within my classroom and make my administrator aware of the change. I love how you can print things out.
"I came across this. I love it."
"Hello! My name is Josh, and I am a fourth-grade teacher in Massachusetts. My students have been using your product and absolutely love it!"
"My kids LOVE Learning Farm!"
"Hello, I am currently a 4th grade teacher in Mississippi. I came upon your site, and I love it! ... Right now we have Study Island, but that is very pricey, and I am in a school district that is on a very tight budget."
"I recently set up my classroom's account for Learning Farm and the kids love it."
"Today after showing my principal the website, she was in love with it and wanted me to run it for the school."
New York has adopted the Common Core State Standards and uses them as the basis for the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS). The New York State Assessments will be administered for the 2014-2015 school year.


  • Created specifically for the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS)
  • Lessons, practice items, and explanations for all standards
  • Engaging and easy to use for students
  • Students use on a computer or tablet


  • Highly dynamic math item generator provides unlimited practice and instruction
  • An extensive library of ELA content with 2,000 original passages written for each level of reader
  • Deep and thorough coverage of the CCLS for grades 2-8
  • Includes short-answer response, multi-select, drag and drop, and other item types similar to what students will see on the New York State Assessments


  • Computer adaptive instruction based on student achievement
  • Goal oriented design is motivating for students
  • Multi-level games are motivating and fun
  • Self-pacing keeps students engaged and efficient
  • Helps students be prepared for the new New York State Assessments


  • Very simple setup and administration for schools
  • Easy for students to use with no assistance
  • Great resource for classroom, computer lab, home, worksheets
  • Relevant, real-time reporting for educators


  • Learning Farm is available free for a 30-day trial period. After that, the annual price is $1.50 per student per subject plus a $50 account fee.

Common Core Math Learning Farm is a dynamic resource that offers practice and instruction for all grade 2-8 math and ELA standards in a fun and engaging format.
Learning Farm is an easy to use classroom resource that covers all of the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) in an engaging format. Students receive computer adaptive practice and instruction for all standards while the program collects valuable diagnostic data and makes it available to teachers in easy to read reports. Each standard is thoroughly covered with an interactive lesson and instructional practice items in varied formats that are supported by immediate feedback and additional instruction.

Learning Farm is an ideal classroom or school-wide resource that supports the transition to the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and the New York State Assessments. The program includes Math and English language arts (ELA) in grades 2 through 8.

Common Core Standards Assessment Learning Farm's math content is dynamically generated, ensuring that students continually see new problems to test their mastery.
Learning Farm's design takes advantage of the latest technology in today's Web browsers and tablets.

The rigorous math and ELA content provides a deep and thorough coverage of the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) in grades 2-8.

Learning Farm has developed a sophisticated, dynamic math engine and short-answer response system that delivers an unparalleled math resource for students.

For example, Learning Farm dynamically draws geometric shapes and other images in practice items. This provides students with a wide variety of items in various formats to keep them engaged and learning. Learning Farm goes beyond multiple choice-students will see a broad variety of item formats including short-answer response, multi-answer, and the interactive drag-and-drop items seen on today's modern assessments.

Learning Farm's extensive library of literary and informational texts include over 2,000 original reading passages. Students will read and analyze a wide variety of texts written for their grade level. With practice items targeted toward each CCLS including inferences, summarizing, reading comprehension, and many more, students will learn and practice essential literacy skills.

Common Core Standards Practice Learning Farm's games reward student achievement with additional game levels and enhanced features to motivate and engage students.
Learning Farm is designed with the student in mind. When students use Learning Farm, they are awarded with medals based on their level of mastery. Students also love the fun and challenging games.

Learning Farm's integrated games are designed like many of today's popular apps and games that students use every day. They provide maximum motivation and encouragement to young learners. As their academic and game play performance improves, students are rewarded with enhanced game play options. This creates a fun and motivating environment centered on academic achievement.

Students of all levels of proficiency will find content on Learning Farm targeted to their skill level. If a student struggles with a particular skill, the program automatically adapts and generates lower-level material to challenge students at the appropriate skill level. Educators know that when students become engaged and take control of their own learning path, they achieve new levels of success!

Common Core Standards Instruction Detailed but easy to read reports show educators exactly where each student stands relative to the standards.
Learning Farm can be easily implemented in a single classroom or school-wide. Students can use Learning Farm on their own or in a classroom or computer lab environment. Teachers have access to clear and relevant progress reports on student achievement. The various reports include a Live View feature, which shows the teacher what students are working on and how they are doing in real-time. This is a valuable resource for educators in the classroom or computer lab.

Learning Farm also includes a very easy-to-use worksheet builder that enables teachers to create unlimited customized worksheets in seconds. The assignment manager enables teachers to create specific assignments for individual students or groups of students in order to provide differentiated instruction. The assignment feature is also perfect for homework.

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